Frequently Ask Questions

What kratom strain should I use for pain relief?

Red strains and higher doses of green vein tend to be the best strain for pain relief.

What kratom strain should I use for anxiety relief?

Red and green veins are most popular for anxiety relief.

What kratom strain should I use for an energy boost?

White strains or low doses of green strains are most popular for energy.

How much kratom should I take?

Kratom affects people differently at different doses. To find what works for you we would recommend starting with a small dose (around 2 grams) and waiting an hour to see effects before taking any more. Take more(no more than 8 grams) or less depending on the effects you see and what you’re looking for. Higher doses tend to be relaxing, lower doses tend to be stimulating.

What should I take if I am looking for a mood lift?

Red and green veins tend to be better mood enhancers. We also offer Blue Lotus, an excellent but subtle mood enhancer.

What strain should I take for relaxation or sleep?

Red strains are better for relaxation or sleep. Also, Kava Kava extract capsules are well known for helping you relax and fall asleep easier

How should I take kratom powder?

The most convenient way to take your kratom dosage is to take kratom capsules. If you want a stronger effect and don’t mind the taste, toss and wash and chaser with water or orange juice. If you want to get more creative, some people take it with yogurt, mix it in their smoothies, tea, chocolate milk, etc.

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