New Kratom Strains Tests Results

Green DragonBrown-geen Powder2.3% Mitragyna
Ganesh MDBrown-geen Powder2.1% Mitragyna
Puple 8-1Brown-geen Powder3.1% Mitragyna
White BorneoBrown-geen Powder3.1% Mitragyna
Red DragonBrown-geen Powder2.9% Mitragyna
White DragonBrown-geen Powder2.0% Mitragyna
Red MDBrown-geen Powder3.1% Mitragyna
ElephantBrown-geen Powder2.6% Mitragyna
Green MalayBrown-geen Powder2.1% Mitragyna
Bali GoldBrown-geen Powder3.1% Mitragyna
Red BaliBrown-geen Powder2.3% Mitragyna
White MDBrown-geen Powder3.8% Mitragyna
Green MDBrown-geen Powder2.4% Mitragyna


  • All 13 samples tested were in individually sealed pouches.
  • No other licit. illicit, or pharmaceutical drugs were detected.
  • Low levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine is not excluded and may be present at trace levels.
  • Minor compounds of kratom such as paynantheine, 3-isopaynantheine, and mitraciliatine may be present, and confirmation of these compounds is presently not available.
  • Mitraphylline was not detected.
  • Qualitative analysis performed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
  • Quantitative analysis performed by high-performance liquid chromatography.

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